BRIGHTLY: Community led humanitarian response in Yemen

Girl in Yemen

In February 2023, the UK Government announced a major new initiative to respond to the humanitarian needs in Yemen, delivered by a consortium of national and international NGOs including CARE International in Yemen. With funding of up to £60 million, the consortium will work together for the next four years to reach over 275,000 people.

Building resilience through community leadership

The project - Building Resilience through Integrated Community-based and Humanitarian Systems Transformation and Leadership in Yemen (BRIGHTLY) - is centred around three ‘pillars’ of action:

  • Strengthening household resilience.
  • Putting decision-making in the hands of local communities: BRIGHTLY will directly fund activities which enable local communities to have access to grants, mentoring and training.
  • Transforming the systems of humanitarian delivery so services are managed more efficiently and in partnership across sectors.

The project will ensure specific needs are met for women, girls, people living with disability, and other marginalised groups who are the hardest hit by the crisis.

BRIGHTLY project activities

Key project activities include:

  • Supporting the most vulnerable households to have access to sufficient nutritious food, including through cash assistance.
  • Supporting families to generate income through livelihood activities. This will also contribute to strengthening local markets.
  • Creating Village Saving Groups in which women can make financial decisions and invest in their own businesses.
  • Providing people with inputs (such as seeds and tools) and assets (such as livestock or beehives) for agriculture, livestock and fishing activities to improve household resilience to crisis and enable more sustainable livelihoods.
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