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1 June 2018


A scene at the refugee settlements in Bangladesh
The refugee settlements at the start of the cyclone and monsoon season 

347 households have been relocated to safer areas at the CARE-managed Potibunia camp, but the lack of sufficent space for at-risk refugees, and the lack of cyclone-safe shelters, means that as many as 200,000 people in the Cox's Bazar refugee settlements are estimated to be at risk during the cyclone and monsoon season.

CARE's emergency response has so far reached 226,000 refugees, with recent initiatives including mobile health services to boost access to sexual and reproductive health services for victims of sexual and gender-based violence.

25 May 2018


Heavy rains have killed 183 and injured 215 people in Rwanda, destroyed 9,974 houses and damaged 3,825 hectares of crops. An estimated 42,888 people are internally displaced. CARE has reached 4,619 people through the distribution of non-food items (bedding, kitchen and hygiene kits) in two districts of Rubavu and Ruhango, and has conducted a rapid assessment of gender needs in Bugesera and Rubavu districts.

21 May 2018


An outbreak of Ebola in the west of the Democratic Republic of Congo has so far led to 25 deaths and 45 cases reported. This is the 9th outbreak of Ebola in the DRC since 1976. In 2014 the DRC managed to contain the outbreak after 66 cases and 49 deaths. CARE is working on scenario/contingency planning, drawing on lessons from our response to the Ebola ciris in west Africa in 2015, in case the situation should deteriorate.

4 May 2018

Myanmar refugee crisis

Find out how CARE is helping people in Potibunia camp in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, prepare for the coming monsoon rains. Filmed April 2018 just before the rains are expected to arrive.

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4 May 2018


Nearly 30,000 refugees from Central African Republic have crossed into Chad since the beginning of the year. CARE has assisted over 5,000 newly arrived refugees in Moissala through WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene) and shelter support.

At Silambi, with funding from the Start Fund, in just over 2 weeks, CARE has built 115 shelters in semi-permanent materials (clay bricks and tarpaulin) and provided 4 boreholes for water and 15 shower/latrine units.

In total there are 634,000 displaced people in Chad, of whom 409,000 are refugees and asylum seekers from Sudan, Central African Republic and Nigeria.