Crisis watch


13 Nov 2017

Iraq earthquake

A major earthquake in northwest Iraq has left hundreds injured and caused extensive damage to buildings. CARE is not currently working in the area but our partner organisation REACH is based in the area and is undertaking a rapid assessment of humanitarian needs. Based on information received from the assessment, and in coordination with other humanitarian agencies, CARE will review how we might contribute to emergency responses in the area.

10 Nov 2017

Northern Iraq

More than 3 million people remain displaced inside Iraq, with 1.5 million people affected by recent conflict and military operations in Mosul and surrounding areas. To date CARE Iraq has assisted 248,000 people in Mosul and IDP (internally displaced people) camps in Dohuk. We are currently providing maternal and child health services, including emergency care in two Primary Health Centres in newly liberated areas in the north-West of Mosul. We are also providing WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene) services in four IDP camps and host communities.

10 Nov 2017


Typhoon Damery is the third strong tropical storm affecting Vietnam since last September. The UN estimates that 4 million people have been affected with 91 deaths, 120,000 homes damaged and rice paddies and other agricultural lands flooded. CARE has already provided cash for shelter repairs, water filters and hygiene kits in response to previous storms in Ha Tinh province and Hoa Binh province, and we aim to assist more than 100,000 people to recover from the storms.

10 Nov 2017


CARE is warning that the closure of the border in Yemen – which has put a halt to all deliveries of food, medicines and goods as well as to the movement in and out of aid workers – will deepen the already catastrophic humanitarian situation in Yemen. Fuel prices inside Yemen have already nearly doubled and rampant inflation, in particular increases in the cost of food and staple goods, could lead to a marked increase in malnutrition. CARE staff in Yemen are continuing to work to provide aid to the people of Yemen.

31 Oct 2017


Floods in Hoa Binh province have left 3,100 households under water, swept away livestock and badly affected rice and other crops. CARE Vietnam is providing assistance to 1,735 households (8,675 people) in the form of hygiene packages, mosquito nets, blankets and water filters.