Afghanistan Crisis 2022

Earthquake in Afghanistan.

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On Wednesday 22nd June, a powerful earthquake struck near Khost in southeast Afghanistan. Hundreds of people have been killed and many more injured.

This has come on top of a very difficult year for the people of Afghanistan – many had already lost their homes and the recent drought means millions were already facing severe hunger.

CARE is working in the earthquake-affected area. We are providing emergency relief supplies and have sent a mobile health unit to help those who are suffering. We are working to scale up our response as quickly as possible.

Donate now to provide emergency and medical supplies to vulnerable families in Afghanistan.

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Our experience in Afghanistan and providing emergency relief for crises across the globe means, with your support, we can rapidly identify and meet the most urgent needs of communities, families and children with lifesaving support:·       

  • Providing food support through emergency rations or cash to buy food
  • Nutrition support for young children and pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Supporting healthcare facilities dealing with cases of malnutrition
  • Supplying clean drinking water and sanitation to avoid the spread of water-borne diseases
  • Protecting women and girls