Global Food Crisis: Act Today

A global food crisis and prolonged drought means families in some of the world’s poorest countries are on the brink of starvation. We need to act today to prevent thousands of children from dying.

War in Ukraine is having a knock-on effect on global food production, which is threatening the lives of families in the world’s poorest countries. The conflict is likely to lead to the greatest global food crisis since World War II. Poor countries have already been experiencing uncertainty over the past few years but the war in Ukraine is creating a deadly shock wave of hunger. This is why we need your help today. Without action from people like you now, things will only get worse. 

You could help vulnerable families facing starvation in the world’s poorest countries. 

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We are all feeling the impact of rising food prices but for some, this could be the difference between life and death. Somalia relies on Ukraine and Russia to provide almost 90% of its imported wheat, and so far, food prices there have increased by more than 35%. On top of this, Somalia is experiencing its worst drought in recent history. Livestock are dying, meaning many parents are no longer able to provide for their children. 
More than 1.4 million children in Somalia are severely malnourished. It’s hard for us to imagine seeing our children grow sick and weak from hunger but for many parents in Somalia, this is a reality. The UN is warning more than 350,000 children could die in Somalia alone by this summer if nothing is done. That’s almost four times the capacity of Wembley Stadium. All children.  

Every day, more and more families are facing extreme hunger.

Amina’s story

Amina is a 28-year-old mother in Somalia. She used to support her family through farming, but the drought has wiped out all her livestock. At nine months pregnant, she was forced to leave her home and move to a temporary camp for people who have fled their homes, so her children could have a better life. Like all mothers, her focus was on keeping her children safe. 

After trekking for 11 days, they finally reached the camp, where her children could have access to food as well as an education. She said:

Sometimes my children sleep hungry because their father is not here to help, and I am pregnant and cannot provide for the family.

The bravery and resilience of women like Amina is amazing. She will do anything to protect her children.  

But without the support of people like you, life will only get harder for Amina and her family. This is why we urgently need your help. 

CARE has been working in Somalia since 1981, providing emergency relief and life-saving assistance, including food, water and education. Working through a network of 56 health facilities and 77 mobile units, CARE provides life-saving health and nutrition services to pregnant women like Amina, and children under five. Our response also covers the immediate and longer-term needs. We’re providing emergency treatment for severe malnutrition, supplying food rations and cash assistance. And we’re also training small-scale farmers so they are better equipped to cope with extreme weather. The support we provide is vital, but we can only do so much without your help.  

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In the first four months of 2022, the number of children being admitted to CARE-supported health facilities for malnutrition increased by 60% compared to the same period last year. CARE Emergency Director, Elmi AbdiNur, said:

We are expecting the number of malnourished children to rise each day. The increase in admissions is overwhelming our health facilities and we need more support to reach more children.

CARE stands shoulder to shoulder with vulnerable families around the world.

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