Haiti earthquake

Fishermen repairing nets in Haiti

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On 12 January 2010, Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake that affected over two million people and claimed more than 200,000 lives.

CARE’s emergency response team provided life-saving relief supplies and support in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, and assisted communities and families to begin to rebuild their lives in the months that followed.

We continue to support the Haitian people to rebuild through programmes that address the underlying causes of poverty and social injustice.

Haiti earthquake emergency response themes


  • We provided more than 290,000 people with food, water, temporary shelter and other services.
  • We distributed nearly 200,000 water and hygiene kits.
  • We provided and chlorinated 1.1 million cubic metres of water, serving more than a half million people.
  • We distributed 20,000 rape referral cards for health and protection facilities for victims of sexual violence.


  • We supported over 25,000 people with transitional and permanent shelter solutions.
  • We provided nearly 40,000 children with school kits and 741 instructors with teacher kits to quickly get children back in the classroom.
  • We constructed five permanent community centres to support reproductive health services.


  • We identified out-of-school children and enrolled over 12,000 of them for the 2014-15 school year.
  • We supported the creation of more than 1,200 Village Savings and Loan Association groups that, together, have saved more than $1.2 million to help members start businesses and improve their lives. Of the nearly 33,000 VSLA members, 74% are women.
  • We helped improve governance and strengthen disaster preparedness for 35,000 people.

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How you helped

CARE supporters around the world contributed US$39 million to our Haiti emergency response. Governments, foundations and other institutional donors contributed $74 million, much of it in support of CARE’s longer-term work with Haitians who are rebuilding their communities with more reliable sources of food and greater opportunities to earn income.

As of September 2014, CARE had spent $101.7 million on relief, recovery and long-term rebuilding of communities. This is how we've spent the money:

Haiti earthquake emergency response expenditure