Typhoon Hagupit

A young girl carrying clothing to a safer place as her family prepared for the arrival of Typhoon Hagupit

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Coming just over a year after Typhoon Haiyan, when Typhoon Hagupit approached Eastern Samar in the Philippines in December 2014, the people and communities were understandably concerned. But this time, with support from CARE and our local partners, they were more prepared.

“We were all terrified that we were about to relive Haiyan. But this time we were prepared, and so was my home,” said Erna Celis, a mother of three whose home was completely destroyed by Haiyan but was spared by Typhoon Hagupit.

This time, the storm was less severe than Haiyan – but a big factor was also that people were better prepared. As CARE Philippines staff member Rona Casil said: “Tacloban was prepared. I am so happy and proud of my hometown. We suffered so much from Haiyan. But we also learned so much from it, especially the value of preparedness and unity.”

Within a week of Typhoon Hagupit hitting, CARE and our partners LCDE and ACCORD had reached 2,043 households or approximately 10,215 people in the municipalities of Oras, Dolores and Can-Avid in Eastern Samar. We had distributed a total of 2,057 food packs to families in the barangays (villages) visited, and further distributions were ongoing.

Distribution locations are chosen in consultation with the community and barangay authorities, accounting for the needs of women, men, girls and boys, and minimising the potential for gender-based violence and other risks to vulnerable groups.

Food, water, sanitation and hygiene

As of April 2015, CARE and local partners LCDE and ACCORD had reached a total of 3,975 households (19,603 people) through food distributions (rice, sardines and canned meat) in the municipalities of Oras, Dolores, Can-Avid and Jipapad in Eastern Samar. We distributed hygiene kits to 875 households (3,447 people) in five barangays in Dolores municipality, and trained Community Hygiene Promoters to ensure people continue to apply proper hygiene practices.


Distribution of shelter repair kits is on-going. As of April 2015, working with our local partner ACCORD we had distributed kits to 579 households (benefiting 2,895 people) in the municipalities of Can-Avid and Dolores in Eastern Samar. More kits will be distributed to the remaining barangays in the coming months. Households also receive cash to buy additional shelter repair materials or pay construction labour. We also train community carpenters and village leaders to help people build more disaster-resilient homes.

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