Taking action on gender equality in supply chains


Goal: To create gender equality and reduced gender-based violence throughout Diageo's global operations and supply chain

Solutions and services

Business with CARE conducted assessments and analysis in Diageo’s supply chain and beyond to understand challenges facing women across all areas of their business including where they source, make and sell products. This research informed the strengthening of policies and reporting metrics, the design and implementation of targeted interventions and training solutions as well as opportunities to address the impact of domestic violence on employees.


  • Effective training on hospitality industry skills that empowered under-represented groups and helped prevent harassment in the industry – a programme which reached 150,000 people in 2019.
  • Roll-out of a Diageo Global Brand Promoter Code for the prevention and response to harassment in the workplace for Diageo sales agents.
  • Stronger reporting systems which include gender-disaggregated data.
  • Corporate policies and codes which create safer, more supportive workplaces for Diageo employees and agents.

Partnering to embed gender transformation into WASH

CARE International UK, CARE Kenya and Diageo have just completed a pilot programme in Kenya to make Water Management Committees at community level gender inclusive by design.

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