How companies can help CARE’s global COVID-19 response

A member of CARE's WASH programme washes their hands at a well, Ethiopia.

UK Businesses Respond: CARE Partnerships During COVID-19

CARE’s new report, UK Businesses Respond: CARE Partnerships During COVID-19, was released on the one-year anniversary of COVID-19 being declared a pandemic by the WHO and honours the UK companies that have supported CARE’s work to address the complex crisis.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt around the globe, now the spread of the virus threatens devastation in countries that are home to some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities.

It is the time for us to come together as a global family to ensure help gets to where it is needed most.

CARE’s global response has been expanding rapidly since the pandemic was declared. Our extensive experience of responding to outbreaks of infectious diseases, such as Cholera, Ebola and Zika virus is helping us to quickly identify and meet the needs of vulnerable communities – with particular focus on the ways in which emergencies tend to disproportionally affect women and girls.

In close coordination with leading public health organisations and local governments, CARE is working to engage communities in disease prevention and protection activities ranging from promoting good hygiene and access to clean water to the delivery of psychosocial support.

How your company or corporate foundation can help CARE's coronavirus response

CARE is ramping up efforts to help communities prepare and respond – and companies and our corporate partners could make a huge difference to this work and help ensure life-saving assistance gets to communities in need.

There are several ways companies and corporate foundations can help:

Provide financial support

CARE requires fast and flexible sources of funding. The Emergency Response Fund provides immediate support and resources to where it is needed most. Make a donation so we can act today.

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Become an Emergency Response Partner

In an emergency, timing is crucial. Our partners help us be ready when disaster strikes. Find out how your business can join our network of emergency responders. 

Provide supply chain/operational support

Leverage your business operations and supply chain to deliver or donate aid.

Run an employee activation

Having seen the fantastic success of recent fundraising initiatives your team may want to do more to address this global health crisis. Get in touch to help your employees support the causes that are important to them. 

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Campaign for good

Develop a cause marketing campaign which donates a percentage of sales of an existing or new product. Engage your consumers in a cause they care about and help save lives.

Please contact Zaryna Lee,, about opportunities to support CARE's coronavirus response, or if you require more information.

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What CARE is doing to fight COVID-19

Women read brouchures on water, sanitation and hygiene after a training given by CARE after the Nepal earthquakes of April and May 2015.
Women read brouchures on water, sanitation and hygiene after a training given by CARE following earthquakes in Nepal.

We aim to meet the specific needs of women, men, boys and girls faced by the this devastating pandemic through:

Community engagement

Building on our existing programming, CARE will provide guidance to the communities and partners we work with on risks, prevention, signs and symptoms. Women and girls remain central to this effort, as they frequently play the primary role in household hygiene.

Hygiene promotion

CARE will draw on our extensive experience in promoting handwashing – a simple and hugely effective measure everyone can take to reduce the risk of COVID-19. Our water, sanitation and hygiene teams – along with other CARE programme teams – will introduce or scale up handwashing activities by, for example, increasing the provision of soap and handwashing stations, conducting handwashing demonstrations, and tackling barriers to good hand hygiene. 

Water supply

We are exploring opportunities to scale up safe water supplies to facilitate good personal and household hygiene.

Gender and protection

Crises exacerbate age, gender, and disability inequalities and place women, girls, and other vulnerable populations at increased risk of gender-based violence (GBV) and intimate partner violence. This is already a key area of CARE’s work around the world, and we will use our expertise to strengthen and prioritise GBV protection and support throughout our COVID-19 response.

Support CARE's coronavirus response today.


To find out more about CARE’s Emergency Response Fund or how your business can support our COVID-19 response get in touch.