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We partner with corporates with value chains in retail and agriculture to tackle social, environmental and business challenges that impact the most vulnerable.

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Sustainable livelihoods and value chains are everyone’s business

Sustainability in global value chains is a key objective of the Sustainable Development Goals. It is clear that taking an ethical approach and sustainability as part of core business is not just the right thing, it also makes good business sense. Income and livelihood insecurity in communities from which agricultural products are sourced, and non-inclusive and unequal value chains can directly impact income and influence consumer behaviour.

We understand the challenges that businesses face in ensuring sustainable communities and smallholder farming, including:

  • Increased regulatory and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting requirements in the UK.
  • Income insecurity of seasonal smallholder farmers.
  • Climate change impacting communities and crops.
  • Risks related to human rights and labour conditions.
  • Gender inequality, women’s safety and freedom from sexual harassment at work.
  • Lack of gender disaggregated data to understand the impact of specific measures or conditions.

Why work with Business with CARE?

Our team works with private sector actors committed to making their value chains more gender equal and sustainable. We help businesses take action by analysing the problem, identifying durable solutions, and tracking and reporting progress at all levels.

  • We work in over 100 product value chains in 30+ countries, with a focus on smallholder farmers and their communities.
  • Leaders in gender-inclusive approaches and women’s economic empowerment in agricultural value chains.
  • Interventions are proven to benefit business through improved productivity, crop quality and production, worker and community relations, and human rights compliance.
  • Solutions deliver sustained social impacts for smallholder farmers and surrounding sourcing communities in terms of income, employment, power relations, and access to products and services.
  • Proven and replicable models and tools that can be adapted to any commodity value chain, and scale in any market, providing value for money.
  • Building strong monitoring and evaluation systems to measure and report on the impact achieved.

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