Emergency response

Diary from Syria: To live or die with dignity

An aid worker in Syria calls on the world to feel the magnitude of the Syrian people’s suffering.

Haiti hurricane: More people will die if we don’t act now

Jean-Michel Vigreux, CARE Country Director in Haiti, saw firsthand the shocking level of destruction Hurricane Matthew left in its wake.

Haiti hurricane: Help arrives but more is needed

As Haiti’s people begin to take stock of the damage, the need for humanitarian assistance is stark.

Haiti hurricane: CARE distributes emergency aid

People's stories and photos from CARE's emergency distributions in the hardest-hit south-west of Haiti.

Update from Haiti: "It's complete destruction"

CARE Haiti's country director sends an update on the impact of Hurricane Matthew on southern Haiti.

Hurricane Matthew update: Floods, landslides, torrential rain

Jean-Michel Vigreux, Country Director of CARE Haiti, sent this update on the night of 4 October, when the hurricane was passing directly over the southern peninsula of Haiti.

Hurricane Matthew: “Every person in Haiti is vulnerable”

Laura Sewell from CARE Haiti describes the expected impacts of the hurricane as the storm passes over Haiti.

Yemen crisis: “It was raining rockets”

Conflict in Yemen has left millions fearing for their lives and struggling just to survive.