Emergency response

Burkina Faso: Does anyone care about our lives?

Conflict in Burkina Faso means thousands have fled their homes and are living in tent camps.

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Yemen airstrikes: They will never wake up again

A heartfelt plea for an end to conflict in Yemen as airstrikes kill an innocent family.

Cyclone Kenneth: Thousands suffer as torrential rains bring down homes

Afia had just moved into her new house when Cyclone Kenneth hit. Now she has lost everything.

Cyclone Kenneth: Women and children bear the brunt

Mothers like Nhamu in Mozambique are watching their children go hungry as they wait for help after Cyclone Kenneth.

Cyclone Idai: People are still in desperate need

One month after Cyclone Idai hit, people in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe are still in desperate need of help.

Cyclone Idai: Why life won’t just go back to normal

Floods washed away Rhoda's crops and forced her to leave her home. What happens next?

Cyclone Idai: Women and girls face risk of abuse in camps

Women and girls fleeing from floods caused by cyclone Idai are facing increased risks of violence and abuse.