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Niger's forgotten war: 40,000 refugees flee as conflict escalates

Halima is one of hundreds of refugees stranded on Niger's border after fleeing Nigerian militants.

Niger’s forgotten war: Fleeing from violence with nowhere to go

Thousands of people, forced to flee their villages by violence on the Niger/Nigeria border, now face a hopeless situation.

El Niño: “Our family needs to be stronger than the drought”

Drought in Mozambique has made life harder for Rosina and her family than it has ever been.

El Nino: “The drought is a catastrophe for women and girls”

Mozambique has been hit by its worst drought for 35 years. A severe food shortage is taking a heavy toll, especially on women and their children.

El Nino: The worst is yet to come

For many El Niño is an abstract term, but for 40 million people in Southern Africa this weather phenomenon has very real ramifications: the worst drought in 35 years.

El Nino in Ethiopia: Providing care in a food crisis

CARE is providing food and nutrition support to young mothers, children and families in drought-hit Ethiopia.

El Nino in Malawi: Living off food aid

The drought in Malawi means 75-year old Esther Peter relies on aid agencies like CARE for food to feed her three orphaned grandchildren.

El Nino in Malawi: The last meal

“Now I sit and think what if the food runs out, what will I do for the children?”