Emergency response

Update from Haiti: "It's complete destruction"

CARE Haiti's country director sends an update on the impact of Hurricane Matthew on southern Haiti.

Hurricane Matthew update: Floods, landslides, torrential rain

Jean-Michel Vigreux, Country Director of CARE Haiti, sent this update on the night of 4 October, when the hurricane was passing directly over the southern peninsula of Haiti.

Hurricane Matthew: “Every person in Haiti is vulnerable”

Laura Sewell from CARE Haiti describes the expected impacts of the hurricane as the storm passes over Haiti.

Yemen crisis: “It was raining rockets”

Conflict in Yemen has left millions fearing for their lives and struggling just to survive.

Bangladesh floods: CARE delivers food, shelter and cash

Torrential rain across Bangladesh has left thousands of families homeless. CARE is there to help.

World Humanitarian Day 2016: CARE partners speak from inside Syria

This World Humanitarian Day, we salute the work of our partners working to deliver humanitarian aid to the people of Syria

South Sudan: We won’t give up on you

To mark World Humanitarian Day 2016, Fred McCray, CARE Country Director in South Sudan, reflects on the courage and commitment of CARE’s humanitarian staff.

Niger's forgotten war: 40,000 refugees flee as conflict escalates

Halima is one of hundreds of refugees stranded on Niger's border after fleeing Nigerian militants.