Emergency response

DRC crisis: Helping people in a conflict zone

CARE is on the ground in Kasai providing health and protection services to civilians caught up in the conflict.

One million refugees from South Sudan

The UN refugee agency identified the millionth refugee to flee to Uganda from South Sudan - and CARE was there to help her.

Sierra Leone: A survivor’s heartbreaking story

Aminata Kolokoh lost 21 family members in the Sierra Leone floods. She tells CARE staff her story.

South Asia floods: “Everything was swept away”

Poeple in Nepal describe the aftermath of massive floods sweeping through Nepal, India, and Bangladesh.

World Humanitarian Day: The challenge of saving lives

CARE Humanitarian Director Philippe Guiton reflects on what has changed - for better and worse - in the life of humanitarian aid workers.

Yemen: Aid workers save lives in the midst of crisis

World Humanitarian Day 2017: A day in the life of Mona and Jalal, CARE humanitarians in Yemen.

A day in the life: Saving lives in drought-hit Somalia

World Humanitarian Day 2017: a day in the life of Amrea, CARE's humanitarian manager in Somalia.

Seven years of conflict: A midwife’s day in Syria

World Humanitarian Day 2017: a day in the life of Khawla, a midwife at a CARE-supported health centre in Aleppo.