Emergency response

Cyclone Idai: The breath-taking scale of the disaster

Amidst the heart-breaking stories of loss, help is starting to get through despite the scale of the devastation.

Yemen: Imagine raising children in the middle of a war

Kawather and Shafeqa, like countless Yemeni women, struggle to provide for their families after 4 years of war in Yemen.

Yemen: Four years of human suffering

Four years since the war started, 15 million people in Yemen depend on aid for food, just to stay alive.

Cyclone Idai: Inside the eye of the storm

What was it like being caught up in Cyclone Idai? Survivors of the storm in Mozambique tell their stories to CARE.

Cyclone Idai: “We lost everything. Nothing is left.”

A devastating cyclone has brought death and destruction to Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi.

Nesi’s story: Cyclone Gita “broke my heart into pieces”

CARE's immediate response to a cyclone in Tonga helped families like Nesi's to start rebuilding their lives.

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Almaz has seen her life torn apart by conflict in Ethiopia. This is her story, in her own words.

Suffering in Silence: A life nearly lost to Ebola

Nadej survived Ebola during the outbreak in the DRC and is now helping to educate others about the disease.