Emergency response

Typhoons in the Philippines: A journey to disaster resilience

Analita Garcela, a village leader in the Philippines, explains how CARE helped the village learn how to cope with typhoons.

Yemen: Homeless in your own home

Thana Faroq, a Yemeni photographer working for CARE, tells the story of Nama'a and her family, fleeing from conflict and facing an uncertain future.

Yemen emergency: Finding water amidst the conflict

Nearly a year of intense conflict and bombing has destroyed water facilities across Yemen, making it even harder for ordinary people to get enough water each day.

Yemen emergency: A daily struggle for survival

Nama’a and her children are among 2.5 million people displaced from their homes by the conflict in Yemen.

Yemen – The crisis the world forgot

The number of people in Yemen facing severe food and water shortages is shocking – we must not turn our backs on them.

Horn of Africa: El Nino and the impact of climate change

Women from Ethiopia and Somalia describe what the El Nino-driven drought means for them.

The Balkans crisis: A human story

Refugees crossing to Europe are hoping for a better life – because the life they have fled from offers nothing but fear and conflict, says CARE’s Iljitsj Wemerman.

Balkans refugee crisis: Report from the frontline

CARE’s Lucy Beck reports from the Serbia-Croatia border, where CARE is providing emergency food and hygiene items to Syrian refugees.