Emergency response

Refugees: The crisis in my home country

Theo Alexopoulos, CARE’s Deputy Security Director, describes what he found when he returned to Greece to assist CARE’s work with Syrian refugees crossing into Europe.

Ecuador earthquake: Update from CARE staff on the ground

Doris Guerra, CARE staff member in Quito, describes the situation on the ground in Ecuador.

Being a young person in Yemen

"I lost the sense of being secure, I lost the sense of planning for tomorrow and I lost the sense of having dreams" - Hana Alshowafi, CARE project officer

Ethiopian families on the brink

The El Niño weather system has caused an extreme drought in Ethiopia. Crops have failed completely in large areas of the country.

Pulling together after tropical cyclone Winston in Fiji

With assistance from CARE, people in Fiji are picking up the pieces after tropical cyclone Winston.

Typhoons in the Philippines: A journey to disaster resilience

Analita Garcela, a village leader in the Philippines, explains how CARE helped the village learn how to cope with typhoons.

Yemen: Homeless in your own home

Thana Faroq, a Yemeni photographer working for CARE, tells the story of Nama'a and her family, fleeing from conflict and facing an uncertain future.

Yemen emergency: Finding water amidst the conflict

Nearly a year of intense conflict and bombing has destroyed water facilities across Yemen, making it even harder for ordinary people to get enough water each day.