Emergency response

Syrian refugee crisis: Suffering on the Serbia-Hungary border

Laura Gilmour reports on the desperate scenes at the Serbian/Hungarian border where CARE is distributing emergency supplies to Syrian refugees.

CARE responds to refugee crisis in Europe

CARE is providing humanitarian aid to refugees crossing into Serbia hoping to make their way into the European Union.

South Sudan: The long walk through Guit

CARE's James Terjanian describes his incredible journey to vaccinate children in some of South Sudan's most remote areas.

Nepal: The loss of much more than just a home

Earthquakes, perhaps more than any other type of disaster, are a shelter disaster.

Growing humanitarian crisis in northern Mali

Thousands of families fleeing armed conflict in northern Mali are in desperate need of food and clean water.

Cyclone Pam: New life emerges from the chaos

The story of baby Angelina [not her real name] stands as a symbol of resilience and recovery following Cyclone Pam.

Back to school in Nepal as villages rebuild

In Mandre village, the local school was totally destroyed in the earthquake - but the villagers have got together to re-open it.

No guarantees in South Sudan's deadly conflict

Almost a quarter of the population don't have enough to eat - and the numbers are rising.