Emergency response

New life after a devastating earthquake

Read Asmiti's story of giving birth just after the earthquake struck Nepal.

Nepal earthquake: Hunger in the hills

CARE's Navaraj Gyawali visits the remote village of Balgaon, where the people are running short of food.

Nepal: “I’ve never experienced anything like this”

Watch a video of our emergency team leader describe what it was like when the latest earthquake hit.

Nepal: CARE responds after second major earthquake

CARE is already assisting people in the remote Sindhupalchowk district after a second major earthquake hit Nepal on 12 May.

Nepal earthquake: Bringing aid to remote villages

CARE is chartering helicopters to fly relief supplies to remote villages - but these devastated villages still need more help, writes CARE's Lex Kassenberg.

Nepal earthquake: No home to shelter in

72-year-old Thuli Lama saw her home destroyed in the earthquake. Without shelter, how will she cope when the monsoon rains come?

Nepal earthquake: United in tragedy

It is hard to fathom that in a matter of seconds, an entire village could be turned into a heap of rubble. But that’s exactly what happened in Baruwa.

Nepal earthquake: Reaching people at the epicentre

CARE's emergency response is starting to reach people in remote areas of Gorkha whose homes and villages have been devastated.