Emergency response

Nepal earthquake: Helping survivors in tent camps

CARE is distributing aid to families who have survived trauma and lost their homes and belongings.

Nepal earthquake: Getting aid where it’s needed

Read how CARE is coordinating its emergency response in the first days after the earthquake.

Nepal earthquake: Are we going to die?

CARE Nepal's Grishma Raj Aryal gives an eye-witness account of the destruction in Kathmandu.

Nepal earthquake: CARE team on the ground

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal yesterday has devastated parts of the country.

Yemen: “I’ve learned first-hand what it’s like to be displaced”

The bombing campaign in Yemen forced a CARE worker who helps displaced people to flee her own home with her husband and nine-year-old son.

Niger: CARE supports refugees from northern Nigeria

CARE has so far helped 58,000 people - take a look at our photo gallery about our emergency response and meet some of the people we've helped.

Vanuatu: Idyllic? Maybe. Resilient? Definitely.

When people talk about the South Pacific, they use words like 'idyllic' or 'peaceful'. They don't often say 'resilient'.

Vanuatu: "If people overseas can help us, we really need it"

After a bumpy four-hour journey across the mountainous island of Tanna, our truck pulls in to a small clinic which supports the 10,000 or so people living in this part of southern Vanuatu.