Emergency response

Vanuatu: "If people overseas can help us, we really need it"

After a bumpy four-hour journey across the mountainous island of Tanna, our truck pulls in to a small clinic which supports the 10,000 or so people living in this part of southern Vanuatu.

CAR crisis: Overcoming the trauma of conflict

Jamila and Paul (not their real names) are just two of the hundreds of thousands of people traumatised by the brutal conflict in the Central African Republic. These are their stories.

Ebola: Spreading opportunities amidst crisis

This devastating disease has not only robbed people of their lives, but also of their livelihoods. CARE’s village savings groups are providing a means to fight back.

Syria: Images from inside - "What we left behind"

Four years on from the start of the crisis in Syria, it has evolved into one of the largest humanitarian crises in recent decades, destroying the homes and livelihoods of millions of Syrians.

Afghanistan: "What shall I do now to feed my children?"

The humanitarian situation in Afghanistan is worsening with at least 30,000 people affected by heavy snowfalls, rains and avalanches.

Yemen: 16 million people in urgent need of help

The humanitarian situation in Yemen is worsening as political instability and the conflict continues.

"Don't Touch" – Life in Ebola-stricken Sierra Leone

"Don't touch." I hear this slogan over and over again here in Sierra Leone.

Syrian refugees in Iraq struggling to survive

Thousands of Syrian refugees are struggling through the cold winter months at a camp in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, reports CARE’s emergency team.