Emergency response

Indian Ocean tsunami: Survivors 10 years on

10 years on, we visited some of the people in Aceh, Indonesia, who we helped just after the tsunami hit.

South Sudan: “A story too sad to hear again”

I’ve heard stories like the one I am going to tell four times already. I’m not sure I can stand to hear it again. It’s terrible – doubly so because the tragedy could have been prevented.

South Sudan: The people continue to suffer

The head chief worries about the great suffering he sees ahead, particularly hunger.

Typhoon Hagupit: “Preparation saved our lives”

“We were all terrified that we were about to relive Haiyan. But this time we were prepared, and so was my home.”

Typhoon Hagupit: From being afraid to being prepared

“Not another Haiyan please!” This was my first thought when I learned about Typhoon Hagupit approaching our region, writes CARE's Rona Casil.

No child should grow up with such a name

How does one react when being told that the name of a new-born child means "one who has lost everything and whose people are eternally persecuted"?

Ebola is like a secret war

The smell of boiling bananas fills the air as Musu Sesay prepares banana cakes that she hopes her teenage daughter will be able sell for some desperately needed income.

A hole lot more than just a toilet

In an emergency, food, water and safety are usually considered the essentials for survival, but in South Sudan the humble toilet is also changing – and saving – lives.