Emergency response

South Sudan: On a mission of safe hygiene

Nicholas Kweri leaves the CARE compound in Yuai on the way to his next mission: a hygiene promotion session for people displaced by the conflict.

Gaza crisis: Responding to suffering

The destruction and suffering in Gaza is heartbreaking but the work of CARE and our partners is already making a huge difference.

Emergency health care: Saving lives in Pariang, South Sudan

CARE supports around 40 health centres across South Sudan – including this hospital in Pariang Unity State which is providing emergency health care to people affected by the conflict.

Gaza crisis: “When they return, they will find nothing”

We were still in our house when the building next to us was hit by a missile in the first days of the war.

South Sudan: Working tirelessly amid violence and flooding

Peter Bothi is a storekeeper with the CARE South Sudan team in Bentiu, working at the UN compound after soldiers occupied the CARE clinic and office.

Gaza crisis: Q&A on CARE’s emergency response

What help are CARE and our partner Palestinian Medical Relief Society providing to civilians in Gaza?

Gaza crisis: Two wars, two pregnancies – and no escape

Ghada Al Kord works for CARE and has lived in Gaza her whole life. She is three months pregnant with her second child.

Gaza crisis: “I am afraid for my kids”

A few nights ago we received a pre-recorded call from the Israeli army which told us to evacuate our house. My neighbourhood is close to the beach so it is not a safe place.