Emergency response

Gaza crisis: Q&A on CARE’s emergency response

What help are CARE and our partner Palestinian Medical Relief Society providing to civilians in Gaza?

Gaza crisis: Two wars, two pregnancies – and no escape

Ghada Al Kord works for CARE and has lived in Gaza her whole life. She is three months pregnant with her second child.

Gaza crisis: “I am afraid for my kids”

A few nights ago we received a pre-recorded call from the Israeli army which told us to evacuate our house. My neighbourhood is close to the beach so it is not a safe place.

Gaza crisis: “We ask that the violence stops”

My boy is only three years old. He feels stressed and depressed and last night after hearing the explosions he said to my wife “I feel that I will die”.

Gaza crisis: My children want a childhood

We are surrounded by bombs and explosions. We just stay in the house, watching the black smoke in the sky when the houses nearby are hit.

Supporting South Sudan’s most vulnerable refugees

Steven Gai fled to Uganda from fighting in South Sudan. He arrived alone, in a broken wheelchair he had been using for 10 years.

Bangladesh: Rebuilding livelihoods and food security after floods

With funding from DFID, CARE has helped over 18,000 households affected by floods to recover and become more self-sufficient.

South Sudan: Helping the sick and the hungry

The outbreak of violence in South Sudan did not stop CARE from helping people hit by displacement and chaos.