Emergency response

Typhoon Haiyan: Rebuilding their own homes and communities

Aileen Militante's husband Edgar earns a living helping build other people's homes as a carpenter.

Typhoon Haiyan: Building back safer

For Rolando Creado, 64, the safest place was to head to the mountains when Typhoon Haiyan hit.

Syrian refugees: “One meal a day is all we can afford”

Sabra in Beirut, Lebanon, is home to a new wave of refugees: families fleeing the conflict in Syria.

Cyclone Phailin: Pain has its own language

Jasodha speaks broken Hindi – my mother tongue – but what she cannot express in words, she tells me through gestures.

Syria crisis: The stories behind a girl’s drawing

This is Hanan's picture. In some ways it’s what you’d expect from an 8-year-old. But look more closely and there are painful details.

Q&A: Rwandan refugees’ forced return from Tanzania

Rwandan refugees who started new lives in Tanzania are now being forced to leave. Learn more about the plight of these uprooted people.

Mali: How ‘host’ communities help internally displaced people

Despite going through a difficult time herself, Fatimata has welcomed and supported others who are even less fortunate.

Pakistan: Rebuilding after floods

About 4.8 million people in southern Pakistan have had to leave their homes because of flooding. CARE is helping them rebuild.