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Q&A: Rwandan refugees’ forced return from Tanzania

Rwandan refugees who started new lives in Tanzania are now being forced to leave. Learn more about the plight of these uprooted people.

Mali: How ‘host’ communities help internally displaced people

Despite going through a difficult time herself, Fatimata has welcomed and supported others who are even less fortunate.

Pakistan: Rebuilding after floods

About 4.8 million people in southern Pakistan have had to leave their homes because of flooding. CARE is helping them rebuild.

Bangladesh: Building flood-resistant homes

An emergency relief team including CARE is constructing over 11,000 flood-resistant houses and latrines to cope with annual flooding.

Pakistan: Homes and crops destroyed by floods

People are urgently in need of shelter, clean water, and medical care following ongoing floods in southern Pakistan.

Families fighting cholera in Sierra Leone

Marie has just watched her grandson recover from cholera; now, for the first time in her long life, she is fighting the disease herself.

Providing water to save lives at Dadaab refugee camp

One of the most immediate needs for new refugees arriving at the huge Dadaab refugee camp is water.

Mother in Niger: I don’t want to lose another child

When Dije Ousmana looks at her baby son Abdulahadi she tries not to think of her three other children who died in earlier food crises.