CARE and IHG: Building a global network for disaster response, recovery and resilience

IHG funded a vocational training programme in South Pentecost to help communities with their self-recovery and resilience. 40 key community members, like Emily Matan, participated in a workshop focused on re-building homes with chainsaws.

Since 2011, IHG and CARE have worked together to build a global network for disaster response, recovery and resilience. In 2020, despite the unprecedented socioeconomic difficulties, IHG and CARE delivered life-saving responses in India, Vanuatu, Indonesia, and Ecuador.  
Over the past decade, IHG and CARE have drawn on their shared global presence - IHG has approximately 400,000 colleagues working in nearly 6,000 hotels and CARE works in more than 100 countries around the world - to rapidly respond to emergencies, create long-term sustainable recovery and enable communities to develop their disaster preparedness. In an increasingly interconnected world, the impact of disasters and emergencies ripples throughout value chains, between communities and across businesses. The CARE-IHG partnership focuses on creating lasting impact through the support of disaster preparedness and planning to identify, and make connections in, disaster hotspots around the world.  
In addition, IHG and CARE agreed in 2019 to leverage the core strengths and expertise of both partners to diversify the partnership for gender impact throughout the IHG value chain. CARE is leading a gender risk analysis in the IHG textile supply chain to develop a series of recommendations for where IHG and partners can collectively maximise business opportunities through empowering women. The analysis will focus on understanding the working environments within the supply chain from a gendered perspective in order to develop a series of recommendations and an action plan for IHG’s gender commitments, starting with a programme pilot in 2021.

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