Better Cotton Initiative

Cotton is a critical commodity that is used by everyone around the world almost daily, but its production is jeopardized by challenges ranging from climate change to gender inequality; less than 25% of cotton is grown in a way that actively protects people and planet. 

Since 2019, CARE has worked with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) to optimize its approach to supporting gender equality in the cotton value chain. CARE has supported the development of BCI’s gender strategy by helping key BCI stakeholders to understand the opportunity that a gender inclusive operating model can have, delivering keynote recommendations, and working with BCI to frame its ambition in relation to gender through conversations and messaging. CARE supported the implementation of the gender strategy by delivering a series of gender-focused workshops for BCI colleagues in the UK, Switzerland, India and Pakistan, and for its International Council members.

CARE has also worked with BCI to develop and pilot a women’s empowerment indicator and methodology as part of the Delta Sustainability Framework, a global cross-sector sustainability index. The partnership is continuing to scope opportunities to operationalise BCI’s commitments to gender transformation and to advocate within the sector.